December 07, 2006



The Housebuilder perspective adopts a rational, pragmatic and project management approach towards the change process. From this point of view the focus is on budgets, needs, plans, timescales, and partnership.

Budget: Strange as it may seem the first thing one considers when building a house is "how much can I afford?" Yet how often do we start from that point when planning change?

People don't complain when they can't afford a house that they might like to purchase if they don't have sufficient resources - they understand the situation and make a selection which meets both their needs and their budget. We should aspire to this level of reality in our day-to-day practice. Concern about budgets has the potential to undermine any change strategy. People must be informed and understand the budgetary limitations which exist.

Needs: Having identified our available budget we must must attempt to state clearly our specific needs. It is at this point that we might look at how we could match our budget with our needs - and - if necessary - consider other ways in which we might extend our availabe budget by prioritiing this need over others..

Plans: Having established our budget and needs we must commence the planning process. Plans should enable anyone to clearly see the various details of the course of action we intend to take. Plans should also be characterised by consistent approach towards the planning process to enable people to make comparison between one plan and another.

Timescales: Timescales correspond to the traditional notion of project management. They will set out the order of events in an unambiguous manner which are clearly related to cost, personnel and expected standards/outcomes.

Partnership: The successful achievement of many plans will depend upon a close link between disparate groups of people and professions. These groups should be carefully co-ordinated and the progress of the project closely monitored and communicated with all parties.Bricklaying