December 06, 2006



A gardener understands the cycle of the year and spends time at the outset preparing the ground. All too often we set out on a project without spending enough time preparing the ground.

A gardener also takes account of the soil conditions, the climate and the exposure to the sun. Without reference to these factors the gardener might plant seeds or plants which are destined to fail.

As we see seeds germinating we need to provide them with an appropriate food source to sustain growth. A great deal of energy is expended at this point in the growth cycle and we need to spend more time than at any other stage of ensuring that growth continues until it reaches a point where a strong root system has been established.

A good gardener uses their judgement to select plants which are not flourishing and removal of weeds which are preventing growth. They will also thin out some plants to enable others to grow to their full capcity.

As the plants begin to establish themselves the gardener provides support or a framework which will ensure that they can sustain their own weight and become productive.

The parts of the gardening metaphor are: ground preparation; sowing/planting; feeding; weeding; and the provision of a framework.